Healthy Immune System

Healthy Immune System
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Detailed Description

•Understanding the immune system •Anatomy of the immune system •Cells and secretions of the immune system •Mounting an immune response •Self and nonself •Immunity - natural and acquired •Privileged immunity •Immunity and cancer •Immune system and nervous system •disorders of the immune system •Autoimmune diseases •Primary immune deficiency •Chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome •Defenders of our immune system •Role of exercise, stress, pregnancy, depression, nutrition, viral infections, laughter, sleep, alcohol, cholesterol and triglycerides, pollution •Foods that harm and foods that heal •Plant sterols and sterolins •5 steps to optimal immunity •Eating too much depresses immunity •Killer sugar •Fabulous fiber •Reprogramming the immune system •Bacteria that strengthen the immune system •Whole body protection •3 amino acids that can strengthen the immune system •Acupressure points for strengthening the immune system •Beta Glucan activates the immune system • Help for people with severely weakened systems